Rental Inventory


Behringer X-32 (32 channel digital console)

Mackie 1604 VLZ4 (16 channel analog console)


Processing / Drive 

Ashley Audio 4 channel digital EQ’s

DBX 31 band stereo analog Eq’s

EV DX-38 2×4 Channel digital crossover

TDM 2×2,2×3,4×2 analog crossover

DBX Stereo Compressor

DBX 160A Compressor

Klark Teknik Square D 8 channel crossover



Crown I-Tech 2000

QSC Powerlight 1.8

QSC MX-2000

QSC MX-1500

QSC MX-750

Crown I-Tech 2000




Mccauly 2×15″ with 2″ horn

EV 12″ with 2″ horn (Pole mounted)





EV MTL-4B (4x 18″ drivers)

Worx audio 218 (2×18″ drivers)



Mcacualy 12″ coaxil  biamped monitor

Yamaha sm215IV


In Ear Monitors

Shure PSM-600 Wireless Stereo belt pack

Senhesier IEM G2 Wireless Stereo belt pack



Whirlwind 32 channel x 8 returns 150′

Whirlwind 32 channel splitter snake head

200′ W3 to W3 snake cable

100′ W3 to W3 snake cable

25′ W3 to W3 snake cable

W3 fan out cable


Whirlwind Sub Snakes

8 Channel Sub Snake with W1 connector

100′ W1 to W1 snake cable

50′ W1 to W1 snake cable

25′ W1 to W1 snake cable


Power Distro

Single Phase 100 Amp distro (camloc in, powercon out)

Single Phase 100 Amp Distro (camloc in, L14-30, l14-20)


Distro Cable

100′ CamLoc #2 cable

100′ L14-30 (30 Amp cable)

50′ L14-30 (30 Amp cable)

30′ L14-30 (30 Amp cable)


Speaker Cable

150′ 12.4 Speakon to EP-4

100′ 12.4 Speakon to EP-4

50′ 12.4 Speakon to EP-4

25′ 12.4 Speakon to EP-4

150′ 12.4 Speakon to Speakon

100′ 12.4 Speakon to Speakon

75′ 12.4 Speakon to Speakon

50′ 12.4 Speakon to Speakon

25′ 12.4 Speakon to Speakon


Wireless Microphones

Shure ULX-P Receiver

Shure ULXP Beltpack

Shure ULXP Hand Held w/ Beta 58 capsule

Shure Lavaliere Microphone

Audio Technica Head Set Microphone


Microphones / Direct Boxes

Shure Beta 58A

Shure Beta 87A

Shure SM-58

Shure SM-57

Shure SM-81

Shure Beta-52

Shure Beta 91

Shure Beta 98

Audio Technica 4050

CountryMan type 81 active Direct Box

Whirlwind Director Stereo Direct Box

Whirlwind IMP Direct Box

Avalon U5 Direct Box



Telex BTR-800 with 4 wireless belt packs

Telex single muff headsets

Telex double muff headsets

HME Wired 2 channel intercom (Base Station)

HME Belt Pack 2 channel

HME belt pack 1 channel